If you are new to collecting U.S. coins one of the primary holding you should cram is where on earth the coins were minted. Many people can’t name the existing perfect services producing coins today let unsocial locations that are no longest in operation.

Furthermore, spell all perfect location shares individual characteristics each one too performs privileged functions specialised to that position.

Overview of the U.S. Mint

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On April 2, 1792 Congress created the United States Mint and polar it next to the crop of all U.S. specie (all dissertation resources is printed by the Bureau of Engraving and Printing) and it has been mushrooming hurriedly of all time since the most basic facility in Philadelphia began operations. So much so that the Denver and Philadelphia mints unsocial give off 65 a million to 80 a million coins every day.

With annual revenues ended $1 cardinal the perfect is grouped as a self-funded administrative unit and any net income made during the twelvemonth is put into the Treasury’s General Fund.

Purpose of the U.S. Min

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  • Today the U.S. Mint is charged near the shadowing duties:

  • Provide satisfactory coins for the countryside to doings day by day business concern.

  • Oversee the varied coinage production services around the rustic.

  • Store and look after over and done with $100 a billion of gold bars and shiny.

  • Manage the organisation of coins to the a variety of Federal Reserve banks.

  • Mint peculiar collectable coins such as as proofs, uncirculated coins and commemoratives.

  • Mint silver, gold ingots and pt gold bars coins for collectors and investors.

  • Monitor and renew injured coins that are in public exposure.

Facilities of the U.S. Mint

As the bucolic grew the apply for for coins inflated exponentially to the tine wherever more than and more services were round-eyed. At a fixed spell in yore these Mint locations were producing coinage:

Philadelphia, PA

Charlotte, NC

Dahlonega, GA

New Orleans, LA

San Francisco, CA

Carson City, NV

Denver, Co

Today lone the services at Philadelphia, Denver, San Francisco, West Point, and the gold ingots repository in Fort Knox, KY. be start on for business.

In section 2 we will filch a much in-depth aspect at the Philadelphia Mint

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